Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Sweet Little Angel

My Sweet Little Angel

I look at you now, my sweet little angel,
and I cannot believe what i see.
You're looking back, my sweet little angel,
looking back and smiling at me.

It is such a surprise, my sweet little angel,
how happy you seem to be.
Because I was so scared, my sweet little angel,
at what kind of mother I'd be

But you've taught me how, my sweet little angel,
to know exactly what you need
I'm not always right, my sweet little angel,
but you are so patient with me.

I am your teacher, my sweet little angel,
but you're more a teacher to me.
You are now growing, my sweet little angel,
and growing together are we.

~ Ashley Phillips ~

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Little Frog and the Big Buffalo

The Little Frog and the Big Buffalo

One day a Little Frog happens to see a buffalo on its way to the pond and is stopped by it.  The little frog got surprised.
What are you doing by jumping like this? Yelled the big buffalo at the little frog
This is how I walk responded the frog with a surprise
You have got four legs like any other animal and why can’t you just walk? Buffalo again yelled with the same anger.
Now the little frog understood the confusion the big buffalo had and it turned upside down and asked:
Look my dear big buffalo how my legs are made. I do have four legs but the hind ones are differently made hence I can’t walk and I can only jump to cover distances.
Oh I am sorry – pleaded the big buffalo
I am really sorry for showing my anger at you without knowing the reason.  I shall be your friend from now on wards and I shall carry you now to wherever you want to go.  Please let me know where do you want to go – requested the buffalo
The little frog felt very happy with the sudden change in the behavior of the big buffalo.
I need to got to the pond near that banyan tree but I do not know how to climb on to your back – said the little frog
Do not worry I shall sit down so that with one leap you can jump on to my back – suggested the big buffalo
The frog did as suggested but the smooth skin of the buffalo made its efforts futile.  Both the big buffalo and the little frog were disappointed but continued their efforts.  At one point the frog could jump on to the back of the buffalo but as the big buffalo started standing up it had slipped down.  As their struggle continued they saw Dr.Dove coming towards them.
What’s the matter why are you here asked Dr.Dove by alighting on the branch of a neem tree near them.
I made a promise to carry this small frog on my back to the pond near that banyan tree but it has become difficult for this small frog to reach my back. 
You want to carry the frog on your back. Isn’t it? Asked Dr.Dove.
Yes told the buffalo
Then I have suggestion to you.  You both come along with me lead Dr.Dove towards the pond.  All three reached the pond.
Dear small frog you first jump into the water – said Dr.Dove
The small frog jumped into the water and looked up by turning back towards the buffalo and Dr.Dove.
Now dear Buffalo you walk into the water and sit down in such a way that your back is just touching the surface of the water level in the pond – said Dr.Dove.
The big buffalo did as suggested.
The little frog understood what is to be done. Immediately it jumped onto the back of the buffalo with ease and settled down there.
Soon the buffalo too understood and came slowly out of the water with the little frog on its back.  The little frog and the big buffalo were happy and thanked Dr.Dove.
Now tell me where shall I take you - asked the big buffalo
Not to the pond again but back to my home in the woods in the north pointed the little frog. 
Seeing their happiness Dr.Dove flew away.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tiny One

Tiny One
How very often I have dreamed
A world of perfect bliss
To be the mother of a boy
Or of a tiny miss.
To hold its tiny hands in mine
To count its tiny toes
And then to place a tiny kiss
Upon its tiny nose.
To hold it very close to me
Warm against my breast
To gaze into its tiny face
Sleeping and at rest.
Oh, what could be more perfect
Or what could hold more bliss,
Than to be a mother of a boy
Or of a tiny miss.
By Elizabeth Anna Fetters (Pachella)



Once upon a time there were three beautiful princesses.  Their names were Kimmy, Katie, and Kristen.  Kimmy was 3, Katie was 5, and Kristen was 8.
They all lived in a manor, with butlers, maids, cooks, and lots of people.  But the princesses did not treat them like slaves, they treated them with respect and kindness.
The princess’s mothers name was Krystal.  She was very kind, and taught her three girls how to treat all people with respect and kindness.  The mother had long flowing black hair.
The princess’s fathers name was Kevin.  He taught his three girls to be lady like.  He had man like blond hair. He was very nice man. 
They also had a tutor named ken.  He had light brown hair.  He was very handsome.
One sunny morning a messenger came with very sad news.  The mother’s mother was very ill.  The mother and father had to leave. 
They left the princesses with the uncle.  The uncle was very mean to every one.  His mood made everyone in the manor miserable except the princesses. 
One time he told the cook to make steak and spaghetti.  The uncle changed his mind but didn’t tell the cook.  The cook could not read minds so he still made what the uncle said to cook.  When the uncle saw this he stormed off.  The cook was not happy.  But Kristen told him it was ok, so that made the cook feel better.   Everyone else ate what he made and it tasted delicious.
Another time the butler made the beds as usual, but when the uncle inspected them, he did not like what he saw and he blew up at the butler making him feel awful.  Kristen saw this scene too.  After the uncle left she told the butler it was fine.  She made the butler feel better.
He did this to maids and lots of other people too.  One day after dinner Kristen told her two little sisters about these scenes.  The girls agreed to have a meeting in their tree house and discuss how to make there uncle learn a lesson to be respectful and kind to others just as they had been taught.
The girls made a plan to be very kind to there uncle hoping to teach him a valuable lesson.
First, while eating their breakfast they said to the cook, “Thank for our breakfast, this is a very nice meal.”  As the uncle watches his niece’s polite behavior, he feels awkward that he has never said anything nice or polite to the cook.
Later on that day, the girls offered to help their very special butler with his chores.  The Uncle sees this behavior and reacts with anger telling the girls to stay in their rooms for the rest of the day.   He does not want the girls to do butlers job.
The angry uncle goes into the library to think about how he has behaved towards the butlers, the maids, the cooks and also his three sweet nieces who he made very sad.
As the uncle was thinking about them, the girls were thinking about their uncle hoping that he had learned a lesson.
After the uncle had time to think, he let the girls out of their rooms to have a talk with them.
“I have been acting silly these past few weeks. I have been yelling at cooks, maids and butlers.  I have not been respectful to anyone in the manor.  Watching the three of you be kind and polite to everyone, has taught me to be kind and caring to others as well.  Thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson and I am very sorry I have not been so nice to you”
The girls thank their uncle and are happy that they taught him the lesson of respect, kindness, and love.
The next day a messenger came and reported that the mother and father would be arriving home within the next few days and that their grandmother was feeling much better.
The uncle was on his best behavior for the rest of his stay with the girls.
The mother and father never found out about their uncles bad behavior.  The girls kept this a secret.  A secret they only told to their children, and their children’s children.  And this lesson was passed down to many, many more.

The End!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Petua mengeringkan pusat Bayi

Jika pusat bayi masih baru, ambil  3 helai pucuk jambu dan di ramas dengan sedikit air. Sapu air pucuk jambu itu pada pusat bayi untuk mempercepatkan tali pusatnya kering dan tanggal.

Untuk mengelakkan pusat bayi tersembul pula, ambil bawang putih dan di tumbuk dengan satu sudu jintan putih bersama sedikit abu dapur kayu arang.  Bungkus dalam kain dan di salaikan atau di panaskan di atas tudung periuk. Tuamlah pada perut bayi selalu.  Selain mengelakkan pusat bayi tersembul ia juga elok untuk elakkan perut bayi masuk angin.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

BG Resipi - Macaroni

Salam sumer, dah lama tak update untuk makanan bayi. So ni resipi makaroni kepada yng inginkan kelainan.  Di cadangkan utk bayi 8 bulan ke atas.

* 1/2 cawan daging lembu (direbus hingga empuk dan dipotong nipis)
* 1 biji kentang
* 1/4 cawan kacang peas tanpa kulit
* Sedikit lobak merah
* Sedikit celery
* 1/4 cawan makaroni
* air


1. Masukkan makaroni dalam air dan masak hingga lembut.Biarkan atas api 

    yang kecil.
2. Potong sayuran kecil-kecil dan masukkan ke dalam makaroni tadi.

    Tambahkan air jika perlu.Masukkan daging.Biarkan seketika di atas api.
3. Angkat dan toskan air rebusan.Jangan buang air rebusan.Gunakan ia utk

    mengisar isi rebusan tadi sebelum diberikan kepada bayi anda.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

BG Bed Time Story - Pemotong Kayu Yang Jujur

Pemotong Kayu Yang Jujur

Tersebutlah kisah nun jauh di pedalaman, tinggalnya seorang pemotong kayu yang tua dan miskin. Adapun kemampuannya hanyalah mencari rezeki dengan menebang pokok yang sederhana besarnya untuk dijual sebagai kayu api. Hanya isterinyalah peneman hidup saban hari tanpa dikurniakan anak.
Dijadikan cerita, takdirnya pada suatu pagi.......
Pergilah si tua tersebut jauh ke hutan untuk menebang pokok untuk dibuat kayu api. Tidak seperti kebiasaannya, kali ini si isteri tidak dapat menemani si suami kerana sakit.
Maka ke hutanlah si tua seorangan awal pagi sebelum terbit mentari untuk mencari kayu api. Seharianlah si tua menebang pokok dengan kapak besinya yang telah uzur seuzur usianya.... Sehinggalah kepenatan tidak jua dia berhenti.....
Tiba-tiba... genggamannya semakin lemah lalu terlepas kapak kesayangan dari tangannya lalu tercebur kedalam sungai yg dalam. Menangis sayulah si tua kerana kehilangan kapak yang menjadi punca rezeki... hendak terjun mencari takut disambar arus... meratap lah ia mengenangkan nasib...
Maka...bersimpatilah pari-pari dilangit melihat kegundahan si tua tersebut.... lalu turunlah ia bertanya... "wahai orang tua... kenapa bersedih hati"...
Dengan nada perasaan takut dan terkejut diperamati benar-benar, maka tahulah dia si pari-pari telah turun kebumi menyapakan....lalu diceritakan apa yang berlaku...
"Baiklah..akan kubantu mencari kapak engkau yang tenggelam"... lalu dengan serta merta terjunlah si pari-pari ke dalam sungai.... selang beberapa minit timbul lah kembali si paripari sambil mebawa kapak emas lalu dihulur kepada situa.... Dengan sedih jawab situa "..bukan..ini bukan kepunyaan hamba...tidak mampu hamba memiliki kapak emas ini"....
Lalu terjunlah sekali lagi si pari-pari ke dalam sungai dan timbul kembali bersama kapak perak. Tidak jua mengaku si tua kerana itu bukan kapak miliknya. Sekali lagi si pari-pari terjun lalu membawa pula kapak gangsa. Tidak juga si tua itu menerimanya sehinggalah si pari-pari membawakannya kapak besi yang uzur.
Maka apabila terpandang akan kapak itu...giranglah hatinya kerana itulah kapak miliknya. Lalu si pari-pari menyerahkan kapak tersebut kepada si tua. Sebagai balasan kejujuranya kapak emas, perak dan gangsa turut dihadiahkan.
Pulanglah si tua dengan hati yang gembira. Sesampainya ke rumah lalu diceritakan kepada isterinya apa yang berlaku. Si isteri turut bergembira dengan kejujuran suaminya.
Keesokan harinya isteri si tua itupun sihat...